Our Gas

Simonson Station Stores


Simonson Station Stores’ customers have a lot riding on our fuel. With customers depending on our fuel to travel over 25 million miles each month, we have the responsibility of offering the best quality fuels at the lowest prices. How do we do that? We purchase our gasoline and diesel fuel from a major refinery in Mandan, ND, which refines primarily sweet domestic crude oil obtained from the Williston basin right here in North Dakota.

Buying locally certainly has its advantages. We know every gallon of gasoline purchased is the freshest highest quality gasoline offered since the time from the refining process to your tank is minimized. Secondly, with our inventory management controls in place, the fuel we purchase does not sit around in our tanks for long periods of time, assuring you the freshness and quality you have come to expect from us. Lastly and maybe most importantly, buying locally assures us that we are giving back to the communities who have given to us for so many years.

Our product offerings include 87 octane unleaded with 10% ethanol added, 89 octane unleaded with 10% ethanol added, 91 octane unleaded and #2 ultra low sulfur diesel. During our winter months we offer winter blended ultra low sulfur diesel and #1 ultra low sulfur diesel (where available). These products always meet or exceed all specifications as defined by government regulations.

Simonson places great value on every customer’s visit. When fueling at our stations, you can expect to find clean up to date fuel dispensing equipment with 24/7 pay at the pump features. Our dispensing equipment is always clearly labeled and has passed all annual testing to insure, you the customer, are always getting exactly what you are paying for.